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    November 30, 2021
    12:34 pm
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    We are a team of web developers from Ukraine. We are glad to work for you.
    We have good experience work with:
    PHP; C#; APS .NET; JavaScript.
    HTML; CSS; js/jquery.
    Knockout, RequireJS, Lodash, Moment, GreenSock,
    Administration of servers with Unix or Windows.
    Web-design; Axure; Photoshop.
    Project Management; Agile; Scrum; Worksection.
    Price from 15 Euro.
    Our website with portfolio
    Presentation about us and ours projects
    During a work we conclude a contract as the private businessman and have all responsibility under the laws. We working in worksection (special software for developer), you will add like consumer. You will can see the progress of tasks and to control the flow of time. I hope you choose my offer.
    Best regards,
    Lyudmila Kaminskaya
    Phone: +380962990053
    Skype: kaminskayalyuda  
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