Recording is done on Zoom, we will setup zoom meeting where you and your friend/spouse/family member/whoever join and complete 2h 15min (4 topics, each 34min) free speech pair disussion. You can use your standard free zoom account or even login without account, we handle the recording etc, you need just to talk with your partner.Recordings are used 100% on internal AI learning usage, NO public usage.AUDIO ONLY! No need for cameras!THIS WORK CAN BE COMPLETED ONLY ONCE! IF YOU OR YOUR RECORDING PARTNER HAVE DONE THIS SAME ZOOM PAIR RECORDING BEFORE, YOUR RECORDING WILL BE FAILED AND NO PAYMENT.1. You need to have a friend/parner/family member to complete this with, 70 usd includes payment for both of you.2. Silent recording conditions, no background noise etc. If you are on same apartment/house, you need to go to different rooms so the other persons voice wont be hearable from your microphone. Normal talking speed, normal talking volume (not too low, not too high)3. ONLY NATIVE MALTESE SPEAKERS! If you dont speak native Maltese, your recording WILL BE failed and there is no payment.4. Conversation is FREE talk (no given script), BUT it will be from given topics. You need to record 4x 34min pair discussion (total 2h 15min minimum) from 4 different topics that you can choose. The conversation NEEDS to be real conversation, you cant read like articles or anything like that. No swear words or other “bad language”, no other language than Estonian (try to avoid English words etc)5. We can start whenever you want, we are online almost 24/7You can choose 4 topics from these: celebrity, computer, education, entertainment, family, food, friend, health, life, marriage, movie, music, news, pets, shopping, social networks, sports, travel, TV, weather, workPayment schedule is 2 weeks, payment is released 14 days after you have completed the recording. Of course you need to complete it within the given guidelines too, if you dont follow the guidelines your recording will get failed and no payment.