I’m an Italian Motion Graphic Designer with a background in Fine Arts. I believe in the power of stories and in their ability to influence and inspire people and I regard animation as a powerful tool to communicate my worldview.


I am confident in a range of different styles, from 2D Digital to Motion Graphics as well as 3D Animation and Stop Motion. My long term goal is to explore new creative realms in the music and film industry, producing music videos and short films.


Are you a musician who is looking to enhance and empower the message in his/her music? 

I can produce your music video from scratch and help you to achieve your goal!

Do you already have a story in your mind? Or maybe you need an abstract animation to follow the lyrics? If you have a script / storyboard we can start from there or we can work this out together.


My workflow:

  1. Concept

We discuss your brief / idea. If you don’t have it you can send me your song to get inspired. You could give me some key concepts. I will send you my idea and if you are happy we can start.

  1. Design

I develop visuals and stills to define the style and color scheme. I will create an animated scene to show the final videoclip style. I also work on the storyboard and when you are happy with them, I can move to animate.

  1. Production

I jump into the animation process and send you weekly updates. I can adjust small details according to your feedback.

  1. Final Revisions

When you are happy with the result, I render the final videoclip according to the ratio / resolution requirements.


My best interest is to make sure to meet your creative vision.

I expect mutual respect to be the foundation of our collaboration.

Deadline will be strictly maintained.

Fluent English / Spanish / Italian for better communication.

Professional high-quality work ensured (4K resolution if required).


Please contact me before placing the order to discuss your needs / pricing / time-frame. Thank you!