Long Story Short…

Who will write your blog post/article?

  • A Qualified Financial Advisor
  • A Mother
  • A Clean-eating guru – I don’t just eat, I also create!
  • A Creative Writer
  • An analytical thinker
  • A fit-mum
  • And…A mindful soul

So I can write about what I do best:

  •         Mindfulness
  •      Food (Vegan/Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free/Paleo/No-Sugar-Added/Budget/Quick/Children’s/The good and evil of Food)
  •      Investments & Finance
  •         Budgeting Advice
  •      Motivation
  •      Time Management
  •      Motherhood
  •      Abstract thoughts and a delve into Why? What? and How? (Example: What is Time? What is Religion? The Unsocial Socials. Why do we exist, after all?…)

500 words.

2 Revisions provided in the cost.

Extra word length can be added upon request.

Upon order, kindly provide me with:

  • Topic
  • Briefly highlight salient points you would like to be covered
  • Target readers
  • Style – argumentative, perspective, opinion, methodological, factual, research, etc.

– ShaSha –