Hey there,

I’m a native android developer with my own (paid) apps on the Google Play Store. See at the bottom for an example.

I’m currently offering my services at an introductory price of €15 per hour to build my profile on spotlancer. That’s a really great deal for Android development. I’m flexible in my work schedule, so please contact me and explain what project you would need my assistance for, and for how long.

In addition to covering all the basics (e.g. RecyclerViews, databases, Android SDK, billing, libraries etc),
I have specific proficiency in:

  • Firebase backend (user authentication/crashlytics/analytics etc.)
  • Firestore NO-SQL database
  • JSON (Gson)
  • Android Architecture Components, including Room, LiveData and ViewModels.
  • Localizing apps into German

I also have working knowledge of REST APIs.


To get a look at my work, you can check out Poker Studio here:


Everything is my work (development, UI/UX design, backend, etc.)