I will provide you a FLAWLESS and HIGH-QUALITY TRANSCRIPTION for your Audio, Video or Handwritten Text files in 24 hours!  Check out my amazing package and place your order today!

In this gig, I transcribe:

  •  conferences
  •  podcasts
  •  seminars
  • sermons
  •  interviews
  •  lectures
  •  monologues
  •  YouTube video

and any such recordings you need to be transcribed


I deliver the three known formats of transcription: Full Verbatim, Clean Verbatim, and Proofread. 


I shall make an audio proof of your document and Google search for names, acronyms, terminologies, corporate jargon. I will also ensure every transcription goes through the following key processes:


  • Typing and Punctuation
  • Structuring and Editing
  • Proofreading and Quality Checks
  • Timestamps of unclear spoken word or phrases in the format [inaudible: mm:ss] ie. [inaudible: 12:23]
  • Unlimited revisions


Check out my amazing package and place your order today!

€15 for a maximum of 40 minutes audio/video, 15 pages of handwritten text. Add €5 for every succeeding 10 minutes/5 pages.