My name is Nixx, as a designer I travel the world in order to get inspiration of all cultures, this inspiration can be seen in my designs that I make for several companies.

I also do web design, business cards, business development, marketing and much more.

So if you want to put your company on the map… you need fresh new idea’s and marketing to get there.

What do I need from you ?

– Description of your company ( what you do or manufacture )

– Company colors and general framing of the company

– What do you like, square, round, apple or strawberry’s, just a general idea, what are your hobby’s or passions ?

What do you get ?

– Within 5 day’s you will be presented wit 3 overall designs, you pick the one you like the best and we go from there.

– The first 3 remakes or adjustments are free, after this you will have to pay additional fee of 25 euro / adjustment