Some of my examples:
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I have worked on websites for clients like Ford, Chevy, Lincoln,  PunkGraphic, Gregg Plitt, ScaryPoster, DownloadSoho, MidwestPrep and many others.

The difference between my websites (and the others) is that I use the LATEST wordpress technologies to create unique, beautiful and easy to browse sites that will be SEO friendly and Google will love them. You will get an amazing landing (home) page and up to 4 other pages (about, gallery, contact, bio…). eCommerce functionality is optional.

I am creating unique websites since 1999 (HTML, Flash, HTML5 and now WordPress). My clients included doctors, dentists, lawyers, even other web design companies. Ask me about my Video Demo Reel production services too.
I use very cool parallax look, my sites are responsive (and looking good on any device) – most importantly, being a professional, awarded artist, my sites are beautiful.