Recruitment Documentation

Appropriate communication skills can broaden or limit your opportunities. Conveying an intended message whilst making sure that your subject/s do not miss or misinterpret what you are trying to say can be a challenging task when you are not seeing  matters from an objective point of view. 

A thorough understanding of your recipient/s is crucial. The acquisition of this knowledge will help you formulate your best written message to target the desired result. 

Whatever type of written documentation you need to produce, give it your all. You might only be given that one chance and whatever you say is a permanent record for future reference. Think it right, before you write!

With over a decade of teaching experience, 5 of which have been specifically in lecturing effective business communication skills my services include composing effective communication to assist employers, employees and job seekers in the recruitment process.

Job seekers: 

Resume / CV

Cover Letter / Letter of Application

Thank You Letter after an Interview

Accepting a Job Offer Letter / Declining a Job Offer Letter 


Accepting a Promotion Letter / Declining a Promotion Letter

Accepting a Transfer Letter / Declining a Transfer Letter

Resignation Letter


Job Posting

Job Offer Letter 

Job Interview Form / Hiring Interview Checklist

Performance Appraisal / Promotion Evaluation Template

Transfer Letter 

Termination / Redundancy Letter

Letter of Recommendation / Reference

The fee of Euro 15 is applicable to one (1) document. 

Following the given briefing details, I carefully select the appropriate style and tone of writing. You will be given the opportunity to evaluate whether you feel confident or not with the manner of expression and revisions can be made to ensure your satisfaction.