Transform your picture to a vector illustration. All illustrations will be done from the shoulder up.

To do so we will need:

  • A clear picture, such as a Selfie or a Profile Picture. The picture sent will be used as a referencing for the Illustration.
  • Any recommendations and/or comments, such as any particular colours needed to be used, should be sent with the picture.

Once the illustration is ready, we will give you:

  • Final illustration in a .JPG format for review. (Any changes needed should be requested and explained in full detail.)
  • In case any changes would be requested, another illustration in a .JPG format would be sent for a final review. (At this point no new changes can be requested to be done, unless they have been already mentioned/changed from the first review.)Ex: If after the first review you requested only the change of the mouth, after the second review you can’t request changes for the eyes and nose, since they weren’t mentioned at first.
  • Once you are happy with the illustration, this will be given to you in a .JPG and a .PDF format. If other file formats are needed, these have to be requested and will be sent together with the other formats.

N.B:- This service price is applicable for a 1 (one) person illustration. If you want an illustration of 2 (two) persons (couple) or of a group picture of 3 (three) and/or more persons, please click on the respective service.

(Any requested service which won’t follow the above terms, will be rejected.)

Prices are per illustration.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.