Services offered:

  1. Typing of documents from a hand written or printed source, up to a maximum of 5,000 words (for 3-day delivery).
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY is guaranteed.
  3. Longer documents are accepted but deadline for delivery is negotiable.
  4. Formatting of document for standard presentation purposes, including front page, headers, footers, inclusion of pictures, and page numbering, as applicable.
  5. Final product presented as Word document (.doc or .docx); and as a PDF publication OR as a hard copy.
  6. In the case of hard copies, these can be mailed back to client.

Tariffs & Charges:

  • Typing charges: Eur2.50 per 500 word block (e.g. 1 – 500 words = Eur2.50; 501 to 1,000 words = Eur5);   Note: Number of words as declared by word processing software.
  • Formatting charges
    • Front page design: Eur0.50
    • Pictures @ Eur0.01/item
    • Referencing @ Eur0.02/item
    • Headers, footers, page numbers – No charge
  • Postage charges as invoiced, if applicable.