1 .Experience using Optimize or a similar testing tool.
2. Strong knowledge of DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM ).
3. Experience architecting, designing, and implementing data within a data layer.
4. Experience debugging analytics and other HTTP requests with browser developer tools/extensions.
5. Experience accessing APIs for Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics (GA3&GA4), and/or other services.
6. Working independently on tags configuration and the development of tags and data layer using Google Tag Manager for Web and Mobile Apps.
7. Working as an individual contributor and handle pipeline of tagging requests received from various websites.
8. Develop, design, build, test, and monitor of Web data layer and web tags/pixels.
9. Work with interactive marketing teams (paid media, social media, organic search engine optimization) for tracking in their areas and merging of their data with web analytics, as needed.
10. Good understanding of marketing platforms and ecosystem.
11. Worked with program managers/marketing team for timely implementation of changes in tagging due to site changes.
12. Tagging schemas and specifications for new sites and new site features.
13. Quality assurance and debugging of tagging as implemented by developers.
14. Writing tagging specifications/flow for developers for enhanced ecommerce websites/apps.
15. Writing JavaScript to pull data from the DOM, dataLayer, JavaScript variables, and data objects for Implementation in Google Tag Manager. Server-side tags implementation.
17. Accessing the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics APIs for automating tasks
18. Experience with mobile tracking (Android, iOS)Java , swift
19. Experience with SQL
20. Data visualization (Data studio ,looker , Tableau )